【News】SUPER FLOWER LEADEX Double X with ATX 4.01 certified

Dear all customers,


First of all, we would like to thank you sincerely for the positive feedback about LEADEX X 401W ATX 3.0. Considering current new Intel ATX Standard revision and marketing trend. We are glad to share with you a new upgrading version: LEADEX DOUBLE X 401W!


Inspired by the Corsair RMx SHIFT series and Cooler Master GX III series, SF is developing a patented removable DC connector panel. The DC connector board can be set up on the side of the unit, or on the back as traditional power supply. It means that user can change the position of modular panel (cover + modular PCB) to back or side, depending on the case using.

Furthermore, you can easily open the cover through hinge design, replace the fan, and change the location of the output connector.

(Caution! : please remember to use the included accessories ESD gloves to change the PCB board and fans, or consult technical trained people to offer the service)



Besides Flexible Extension Cable, connector is upgraded to be flexible with adjustable angle. With reinforced materials for terminal and connector, you can connect the PSU and other PC parts without worrying the melting issues and installing compatibility.

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned!

Best Regards,

Super Flower Customer Service - Ricky



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