Super Flower based PSU are consuming electronic product, suitable for personal desktop computer and high-end gaming computer system. User should consider system build, environment ambient temperature, loading status, operating time and its temperature to choose the appropriate model and wattage. In order to maintain PSU regular operating efficiency and life-span, user should prevent allowing components be under high temperature and high consumption for a continuously long period of time, furthermore, we suggest that the appropriate heat dissipation time and space should be given to the product to maximize the durability of the product.


01. Do not use non-Super Flower supplied cable, connector or adapter, it could lead to voltage drop and damage to the PSU.

02. SLI cable (6pin & 6+2pin or 6+2 pin & 6+2pin) must consider graphic card’s actual power consumption and must avoid using single SLI cable to power 2 graphic cards at same time; it will result in a double power loading output which will excess the cable design limitation.

03. Molex 4pin to PCI-E or SATA to PCI-E adapters should be prohibited to use to power the graphic card or CPU.

04. Make sure the built system are within the PSU design power wattage. When using multi-graphic card bitcoin mining system, industrial grade multi-CPU servers or any high-power consumption systems, please consider using at least 2 PSU for power diversion to the system to avoid any over power problem which could lead to serious damage to the PSU.

05. Please turn on the power supply with a connection to the computer. If not, it may cause the damage to the power supply.

06. When PSU been used in high-temperature working environment (such as: the computer chassis ambient temperature is above 50℃), it will accelerate the wear and tear of components, extra care must be taken to have enough space for heat dissipation.

07. Before wire connector installation, please check whether the metal has been oxidized or loosed. Also, beware if the wire shakes easily after connecting with the hardware.

08. User need to consider external environmental factors (e.g., extreme humidity, dusty accumulation) and regular maintenance to avoid power supply in poor performance due to working in unsuitable environments.

09. If it is regular to plug and install the joint, please beware if the metal has become fatigued or wear and tear, and lead the metal to an excess contact area.

10. When inserting and removing the wire connector, please pay attention to the direction of the plug and receptacle, correct and complete angle to avoid the bad connection.


What is not covered by Limited Warranty

  • We will not fully support warranty for the cause of mining usage from end customers.
  • We will not fully support irrational end customer refund request.

This warranty is void if it is resulting from the following situations:

01. Remove and demolish the warranty sticker void if tampered sticker.
02. Unauthorized product modification or repair.
03. Accident, abuse, misuse, neglect or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product.
04. Wattage overload or continuous full load operation.
05. Fire, water, lightning, or any other irresistible natural disasters.
06. Product model do not match the serial numbers.
07. Abnormal environment or surroundings operating temperature above 50℃ (for example: PC case chassis)
08. Moisture or oxidation cables or parts (regular PC system dust remove is recommended)
09. Any other cause which does not relate to a product defect (for example: foreign object damage)
10. Use after-market (non-factory) cable, connector or adapter.
11. Using non-authorized specifications or using the incorrect PSU current may cause the damage or failure because of the improper use (e.g. using Molex 4pin to PCI-E and CPU or SATA to PCI-E and CPU adapters)
12. This product is designed for personal desktop system and high-end gaming systems, warranty void if use for the following special-purpose system:

  • Industrial grade server system.
  • Special ultra-high load operation system (for example: bitcoin mining machine... etc.)
  • Test equipment system (for example: memory RAM, VGA graphic card or USB device test)

13. Under warranty, Super Flower has the obligation to repair or replace. However, in any case, for any loss caused by the sale, purchase or use of this product (for example: data damage, business loss, loss of profit, loss of incidental or indirect use of this product, regardless of whether it is foreseeable or has been Inform in advance that such damage may occur), Super Flower will not be liable for other damages caused by the use of the power supply.

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