【News】12VHPWR & 12V-2×6 connector: is it necessary to change cables?

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Thank you very much for visiting Super Flower website. As you may know already that Intel just released newest ATX standard with 3.1 Version. Recently we received a few questions regarding to 12V-2×6 connector spec. confusion from ATX v3.1 document: "There are announcements to apply 12V-2x6 connector. Does that mean the cables shall be changed for LEADEX VII series?"
After reviewing Intel document and studying articles from HW Busters, we would like to share with you our thought. Please feel free to discuss with us or correct us if you find the content is problematic.
(1) First of all, we would like to highlight the texts from Intel docs about 12V-2x6 connection

We learned that there is Cable Plug side as female connector, and the other one is PCB Header as male connector (basically as GPU socket) for the connection.
(2) Then let's return back to the revision note. We will notice what makes 12VHPWR change to "12V-2x6" - the internal pin lengths change on PCB Header

The "Cable Plug" side is remaining the same mechanically, but to differentiate INTEL suggests to label with "H++" symbol instead of previous "H+" symbol.

(3) Since Super Flower use regular 2x 8-pin sockets on PSU modular side, that prevent the PCB Header compatibility issue between 12V-2x6 and 12VHPWR.
The relevant news already on HW busters in the beginning of July "NVIDIA Already used 12V-2×6, Before it is Final!" and "How to Select a new PSU with the upcoming 12VHPWR change?"


In the end, we would like to express our special thank to

  • Aris from Hardware Busters for continuous support and consultation
  • Billy and Kenny for co-sharing industry info
  • INTEL team for ATX guide design and documentation
  • Newzen disty for a series of articles introducing LEADEX VII.

You may find out more information through below links.

  1. Source 1: Intel Official Site
  2. Source 2: HW Busters


UPDATE Oct. 02 : We strongly suggest to learn more information through latest article from Aris: 《Will my ATX v3.0 PSU or my GPU be compatible with 12V-2×6? Do I need a new cable/PSU/GPU? Everything you need to know!》


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